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to be in a state of emotional or physical distress
man i drank way too much last night i am in the serious hurt box
by Ari Firestone January 17, 2004
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When a man or mans is in a physical state of pain and can no longer endure the harsh environment he is in.
“You gotta get in the hurtbox Ducott!”
by Tristram Coffin May 03, 2018
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another word for being very hungover and feeling like total shit after a night of drinking and or partying
I was so in the hurtbox this morning, i guess because i drank like two kegs and like 10 bottles of booze last night.
by guy glover December 09, 2005
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Narco/junkie slang for the "crash" after a big high - when you are coming down hard, in physical and mental discomfort, and really have a craving to get another fix so you can feel better. Also, sometimes written as hurtbox
Man, I'm really in my hurt box right now, if I don't score a fix soon, I think I'm gonna die.
by Harry Whoever June 27, 2017
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