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Eating a snack food (i.e. chips, popcorn, nuts, etc.) while you're really hungry, instead of preparing a meal or something.

Hungermunching is characterized by unusually quick chewing and at least one hand always full of soon-to-be-eaten snacks, often while the offender is still chewing.

The food being hungermunched must be a snack, otherwise its just normal eating.

Hungermunching is both the gerund and present participle form. The noun form is hungermuncher, and the infinitive form is "to hungermunch". "Hungermunchette" is an acceptable feminine noun form.
Last night, eating one bag of popcorn turned into eating five bags of popcorn and I realized that I wasn't snacking anymore...I was hungermunching.

Trying to maintain a shred of decency, Jared, who had been hungermunching at the appetizer table, first put the pretzels on his plate before he devoured them.

I used to share chips, but I realized I would always find the hungermunchers when I offered them to others.

Real hungermunchers open the bag and eat the contents before going to the checkout, and then pay for the empty bags.

Hungermunching is the alternative to cooking.

Hungermunching experts believe "meal preparation" involves how you bring the snacks from the bag to your mouth, "preparing it to be eaten".
by NotSoTerriblyHighGuy March 23, 2013
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