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originally used when someone acts like a father fucker....
1. insult
2. someone really humps your head
3. when a man humps the girl giving him a blow job at the moment
HEY!!!u mother fucking father fucking humphead piece of shit!!! suck my hairy cock u fucing cuntass father fucker
by Zach September 23, 2004
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What a girl's hair looks like after she's recently been humped (had sex). Similar to hat head, except it's flat in the back and bushy on the sides and top.
Can also be used to describe a bad female hair style, or one that should only look that bad if she's recently had sex.
Someone should tell that girl to go fix her hump head.
by vlovely July 05, 2011
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A person who acts like a right dafty.

Originally used to describe someone with abnormally large teeth which are too large to be covered by their lips. I.e someone that looks like the humped headed parrot fish.
by cpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcp July 03, 2010
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