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The word is a universal applicable word. This means that the word can be used to replace any other word or phrase. To understand the actually meaning one must know the context of usage.

Background: although the origins of the word are unknown, it is rumored to have come from the coolest college student ever. By analyzing the word structure one can create a theory of how the word was created. Broken down, "hump" means: thrusting one's pelvis into an object usually a butt of a person, pulling back, and then as the saying goes "rinse and repeat". "a" is an article that refers to a single item. "dump" is a slang word for fecal matter. Separately the words have nothing to do with each other, but as a whole the word creates a meaning. This resembles the nature of how humpadump is used, without context the word is meaningless. This lead to the conclusion that the word's inventor might have been in a I'm-speechless moment", a I-don't-know-what-to-say moment, or any other indescribable situation and had the idea to create a word that fills the awkward time.

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There are an infinite amount of example for this word but here are a few:

location: "Are you going to humpadump?"
major: "Are you majoring in humpadump in the school of LSA?"

as a euphemism: "You can go to humpadump!"
bad name-calling: "You humpadump."
silly name-calling: "You humpadump."
compliment: "You humpadump."
dirty name-calling: "Oooh, you humpadump."
expression of pleasure or happiness: "Ooooh HUUUUUUMPAAAADUMPPPPPP!!!"
epic fail: "You humpadump."
threat: "The humpadump's going to get you."
nickname: John "Humpadump" Weiner
physical description: "Those are nice humpadumps."
color tint: a humpadump brown sock
entree name: humpadump
smell: "That thing smells like humpadump"
by Tim Humpadump Tebow January 19, 2012
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