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A huge ass vehicle that gets eighteen gallons to the mile, is extremely uncomfortable and makes you look like a arrogant duece. If you own one of these I hope your family disowns you. If your friend has one then burn it, if your dad has one, beat him with a large Ramen noodle, if your mom has one, then you must be one mo' fugly monster of a child.
owner: Hey check out my Hummbler.
person in the street: (doesn't say anything, because they got fuckin run over by that BIG ASS UGLY TRUCK NOT CAR!!!!!!)
by pOOn-> July 20, 2005
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When you are on a first date or you just brought home a girl from a party, and she starts going down on you, and just before you cum, she pulls out her penis.
Stephan hasn't left the house since he got a hummbler when he went to that volleyball party.
by faroutguy June 20, 2008
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