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The name that describes an entity within a family, workplace, clique, or any other type of organization or aggregate that creates disruptions of various orders through a variety of means that results in upsetting the entire balance of psychological and/or functional help within that organization or aggregate through a variety of dysfunctional behavior including but not limited to manipulation, deviancy, dishonesty, incompetence, hysteria, and or neurotic-ism. The entity could be an individual person or a small group but the results usually lead to the damaging of careers, relationships, and/or organizational culture.
That manager caused the destruction of way too many careers before he/she was isolated as a human cancer and finally weeded out of the organization - however, the damage was already done.

Dave organized a cult following to rebel against the current plan for the homeowner’s association. There obstructive behavior has perpetuated a human cancer that has devastated the community to the point people have started putting their homes on the market and are leaving.

Mary’s involvement with several co-workers led to many divorces, demotions, transfers, resignations, and firings. It’s amazing how much metastatic damage can be cause by one single piece of human cancer.
by nerdodamus June 15, 2013
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