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hilarious new show on MTV. Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, and Jason Woliner are the guys who are on the show. MTV describes the show as: "A collection of recklessly hilarious, fast-paced, hard-hitting short films, Human Giant brings viewers innovative comedy with a distinctive style and direction."
I love Human Giant, I think I'll go watch it now.
by Anand M May 02, 2007
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A TV program that aired on MTV2, and for a short period on Comedy Central. It is a show divided into short skits, similarly to Saturday Night live, except SNL lost it's sense of "funny" ever since 1998. Human Giant is a hilarious comedy show, but can be pretty provocative and at times too much shit for handle. NOT for 11 year olds. Any other age group is fine.
Human Giant aired on the Human Giant Marathon, spanning 24 hours, quite possibly the best 24 hours on television.

At the time of the Human Giant marathon, an 11 year old boy in China died of circumstances concerning sleep deprivation and dehydration because he watched the entire marathon from start to finish. Nevertheless, that kid was a pussy.
by BennyG93 January 28, 2010
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