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an amazing person, meaning bestfriend, pretty, hot, gorgeous, cool, smart or just when you think of complimenting someone
boy 1: did you see that girl?
boy 2:hulya the hot one? CHYEAH BOY
by alaallalalalalallalalalpooopt November 11, 2006
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Hayrünnisa is a Turkish given name for females. People named Hayrünnisa include- Hülya (amongst others). Hulya is an old Turkish female name, meaning ‘fake-dream’. Hulya’s tend to be very jealous women with an alterior motive for EVERYTHING! Sorry to say it but DO NOT name your child Hulya; they will likely turn out to be selfish/ self-centred, big-headed, disloyal, unsupportive & generally manipulative. A person who has no genuine ‘care’ or real respect for others- Although they hide all of this very well, so no one would ever expect or guess. It’s part of their deceptive disguise!
lya Is bad news. Definition of Hulya is: ‘A fake individual’ &/or ‘A fake-dream’.

Hayrünnisa Hulya
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by Wise one ;-) February 25, 2019
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