to rise from seemingly insurmountable circumstances and prevail. taken from the transformation both the comic book hero the incredible hulk and pro-wrestling icon hulk hogan's sudden transformations. The emphasis is however on hulk hogan who regularly powered out of dire straits and "ran wild" on his opponents. This is a particularly useful phrase to use when describing someone who consistently overcomes adversity at the last possible second.
He seems to be doing poorly in this class, but i'm pretty sure he'll hulk up for the finals.
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
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A sudden burst of strenght and invinceablility. Made famous by the god of wrestling, "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan.
"By God, he's Hulking up" Jim Ross said, "Hulk Hogan has hulked up against the Rock!"
by Slicky Tricky Damon February 26, 2005
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Hulks are a type of Xanax that are green and relax muscles. This is why people call them Hulks. Being Hulked up means that you took a Hulk and are now feeling the effects of it.
I just took that xan and now I'm Hulked up!
by Xan Nasty July 1, 2017
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This is the act of your penis going into a blind rage and like the Hulk attempts to take down all in it's sight.
This chick with a huge ass walked by and I just started "Hulking Up" on her.
by Brown February 9, 2010
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When you find your partner in another's bed it's quite likely that you'll hulk it up.
by M. Hermans June 30, 2006
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underwear with the hulk on it that has shit streaks running down the underwear and his legs
hey man you no anthony lingle i swear i looked up his shorts and i seen some skidded up hulk underwear.
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
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