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Aj from blog tv. Jew, but loves Nazis in Space.
huhproductionz is so DD hes for the Epic Wolf
by saur January 03, 2009
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HuhProductionz is a comedy group who posts their videos on YouTube. They are well known for editing their videos like chill dudes and being straight up chill-sauce. Their crew consists of an asian, a jew, a retarded kid, and a few others. They have posted 59 videos on their HuhProductionz account. Or 24. Or whatever. They have since created a new account, HuhProduction, where they post all of their new videos.
There is also a HuhProductionz account on BlogTv, which is normally run by AJ. AJ is a 16 year old jew who likes JakeandAmir and cocksucking. Uh, I mean being kickass. He hides in the room behind the bookcase talking to internet people until ridiculous hours of the night. He can kind of be a douche in his show. No, not kind of. A lot. Or whatever. Some of his gullies appear on the live show, however.
In summary, HuhProductionz is pretty fucking awesome. HuhProductions for the epic wolf.
"Yo dawg skillet, some chill-sauce space-jew just kicked me from his BlogTv show!"
"You mean HuhProductionz? That kid is pretty ace."
by notcaseyjones5512 January 03, 2009
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