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Portmanteau (word combination) of hugger and hipster.

A person who enjoys hugging and hugs often.

A young person who lives a consciously hip lifestyle.

Often times used by a person whose heart energy-center, which is the center of compassion and love is blocked up to describe a person whose heart chakra (anahata) is wide open.
Standing at a crosswalk in a busy city:
New Friend: "So, Christopher, I read that you are a meditator, yoga teacher, drummer, and a service-man; and you love to give and receive hugs."
Christopher: "Yes, absolutely. Hugging is mutually beneficial. It is also a behavior that demonstrates our connectedness to all other human and animal beings."
Bypasser: "Hugster!"
Christopher: Smiles at New Friend and then refocuses on creating.
by Christopher Bueker August 30, 2013
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A guy who goes around the projects selling fruits, veggies, box pizza, doughnuts at an extensive markup also offering credit.
Here comes the hugster.
by Twenty seven May 19, 2018
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