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Sometimes seen in the more politically correct form 'hucker', hucka is the Californian equivalent of the English phrase wanker. While wanker is often attributed to one who 'wanks,' hucka describes a wide variety of other marginalized characters such as noob, shoobie, longboarder, or Cuban.

The origin of the word remains a mystery, with the vast majority of the population never comprehending its true meaning. If you don't get it, you probably never will, and you have just identified yourself as a hucka.
Tourist: Yay! I'm gonna ride that huge wave!

Surfer: Yo hucka, get your boogie board outta here before you get your mandals wet!

Fratty Bro: Hey bro, play that Journey song again! Is that song new?

Surfer: Chill out hucka, you're spilling Natty Light all over your shorty shorts and boat shoes.
by WestCoastPunk May 01, 2011
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