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Hrrb is an onomatopoeia that a tomato makes while existing. It is distinct from other such tomato onomatopoeiae like 'sqwirsch' and 'splat', in that they are made specifically from actions involving the deformation, up to and including destruction of the tomato, whereas 'hrrb' is simply the sound a tomato makes while in an existentially stable state. Situations where one could reasonably expect to observe a tomato emitting this onomatopoeia are: while growing healthily on its vine; sitting in the produce aisle waiting to be bought; ripening on a window sill; sitting on a cutting board prior to, but not including throughout, or after culinary preparation. Pronunciation is homophonous to 'herb', which coincidentally, are ideal complements to most tomato-based dishes. As it is much like a low humming sound, when tomatoes are in large quantities their onomatopoeiae will bleed into one another, creating an unsettling dull roar within their immediate vicinity.
Tomato: "hrrb hrrb"

Tomatoes: "hrrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrb"
by AnOnymous September 14, 2013
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