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A cell phone game that has a live host and a chance to win real money. A game that lags like a bitch and you will never win because the questions are impossible. Plus the host scott can’t shut the fuck up and pisses everyone off.
I can’t stand to play hq trivia anymore because scott can’t shuthp and the question are impossible.
by Ben Dover Boi February 10, 2018
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A game with host Scott Rogowsky (who btw is very annoying), where basically people make money for answering bs trivia questions. Basically, just another way people can make money for doing nothing.
Person 1: Man, I got out on Q12 on HQ Trivia
Person 2: Lol, I stopped playing that game because Scott Rogowsky is so annoying and cringeworthy
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by war_neverchanges February 10, 2018
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