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The funniest harry potter fansite out there.


The site has some pretty good conversations. From what you look like to the spam threads, it's all a bunch of random shit in there. JOIN TODAY!


There's the really annoying ones like Roy and Rachel, the Toad People. They lead a forum called "The Movement" where they worship toads and other magical creatures. Everyone hates them, and the Staff can't wait to ban them forever one day...

Then there's the cool members. Won't say names here, but it's mostly the golden lizards and the other nice members that are cool around there. Roy and Rachel try to mess with them because they want attention.


Most of the conversations on the forums are PG, and mainly focused on harry potter, like the good fans they are. Since Harry Potter is over, there's not a lot of things to talk about. Rachel and Roy are fucking shits.


There's an Annual Yule Ball event in December, where members get a date and participate in contests and RPGs. Then there's the new one, HP Week, where the site has an event that lasts a whole week celebrating each of the books. One book per day.

Again, Roy and Rachel are shits.

- Anonymous

- Roy and Rachel from hpfz are so annoying, right?

- Yes, and they live with their mother.
by AnonymousPieMan July 29, 2008
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