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Lee HoWon, stage name; Hoya is the main dancer and lead rapper plus vocalist of Korea's rising star boy group under Woollim Entertainment named INFINITE. He has many names including Hogod, Hoegie, Hoha, Hodong (His supposed real name before changing it to HoWon) and many more to come.

Fangirls dies at his existence, his never ending bombard of honest words, his tongue that he can never seem to keep it in his mouth, his hip thrust, his gaze, his love/hate relationship with Jang DongWoo (His other half), and his sexy English.

NOTE: Don't ever forget to say 'Ya!' when he say's 'Ho!'
-OMG! Is that Lee HoWon?
-No, it's Hoya
-No, It's Hoegie
-No, It's Hogod
-Are you guys stupid? He's Jang DongWoo's soul mate!
by infiniteLC June 18, 2014
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