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In Chateauguay, the town where white people think they're black and black people think they live in the ghetto, the ONE english high school contains bisexual emos that drink every friday, get high every sunday and have sex every tuesday at 8 pm. The only reason they go to school is for cigarettes and pot. They hang outside the school but never atcually go in. Security guards range from a stuck up bitch to a super cool, super chill native guy. I'd write something about the residing preppy bitches but they're the same everywhere.
Howard S Billings High School: Bisexual emo kid: What you doing friday?
Kid2: Drinking. You?
Kid 1: Same. What about Sunday?
Kid 2: Gettin' hiiiiigh.
Kid 1: Awesome. Doing anyone on Tuesday?
Kid 2: Helll yeahhhh.
Kid 1: Awh man, look at that preppy bitch.
by Shel.B January 13, 2010
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