Yea, if you're on here, sorry, but I can't come over to give you a full makeover. This dumbass typing is the best it'll get. Anyway, it depends. Which girl are you?:

"I talk to him (well, I try) but he answers quietly with almost no words..."
If you're THIS girl, chances are, he already likes someone else. BUT NOT ALL HOPE IS LOST. There's no ring on that stubby finger!! If he is showing signs of not wanting to talk to you, definitely don't start a convo. You mustttttt wear your hottest fit and DO NOT talk or look at him, even if he's looking at you.

"We're besties but he likes this rlly pretty girl and idk how to tell him that I like him..."
If you're this girl-sorry boo. Find someone else. :/. lmaooo jkjk. Sorta... So if he actually likes you, definately flirt a little. Like ask him if he likes your fit and talk to him about things that might turn him on... Like talk about how your mini skirt is riding up or fix your bra or whatever lmao. Just make sure you do that before you tell him.

"I dont even think he knows my name"

If your THIS GIRL. Bitchhhh I feeeeel. I understand the daily pain! There's this guy who is friggin hotter than an egg on a sidewalk in 110 degree weather. He's sooo ohmggg....Anyways. We're here to talk about you not me pffft. (His name is Keagan and he plays b-ball and he has curly brown hair with tan skin and he keeps deleting his dumbass pics on insta so I can't even see his fuckin post of those rock hard abs anymoreeee).
(bestie) "omg is that Keagan?!?!"

(Nora (me)) "back off bitch uhm heard of the girl code??? He's mine"
(bestie) "I might have to jump of the girl code train and hop on the Keagan train."
-how to get a guy to like you-
by MissCupidofficial November 13, 2021
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