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*sex is like math: you add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and pray you dont multiply!* this is dedicaded 2 my JT, i love my baby, in the bed, ohhh i doooo
Laydees & genitals ; introducing the fast & simple way 2 pop dat cherry. How to LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY!!! This guide is for ppl who no longer want 2 b the virgin they r. Here r the steps:( this is the pleasure guide, u will need a man) Remember, u don't want the guy 2 noe it's your first time, even though he may find out, u always gotta seem experienced, and lively otherwise he'll dump u flat & go jackin off some asian bitch.Let the guy take off yur clothes if u r shy, he'll noe wht 2 do if he suggests 2 'do it' W/e u do don't take off his clothes, yet.
First, lick your fingers and start slowly rubbing the lips of your pussy. Keep on rubbing your own pussy, and then he will start to do the same. Rub around to make sure you are fully wet. When fully wet, find the clit, take his hand and start rubbing together firmly in a slow manner. Try different motions, go soft, then HARD. Okay, so this might not be that fun for the guy, but this is just the beggining, this is just 2 get your juices flowing, and that wild girl inside of you 2 *click*. Okay, so it seems slow right now eh? Then in a rapid momment, push him 2 the bed, and start cupping his grinal area. At this momment i bet u a hundred bucks he would take his shirt and pants off for you. I hope u've been teasing him and still wearing that bra of yours. Okay, so finally you seen the big gun. What do you do? NO, not sexual intercourse yet, you take both of your freaking hands woman, and start pleasuring, HIM. Rub everything but the bottom part. Cup his wank, squeze it a lil hard, then losen your grip and take your pinky/ index finger and lightly touch the tip of his penis. Teasing is all there is 2 the game of sex, where u should have some control. Tease him by repeating this, and even in the process, use some tongue. He is likely at this momment, playing with your breasts. Remember folks, boys r always gonna b boys. OKAY----, the moment u all have been waiting for:popping that big juicy cherry that's gonna rot soon if u don't pop it with that big juicy penis. Okay, rite now, he's like, either really high, or drowsy. He'll go easy cuz he's already cummed like, a million times. Ladies, don't ride ontop, it hurts hell if its' your first time. Like a stick going threw your pussy, straight up your stomach.
Always bottom, safest, comfy, and a pillow if he sticks it in the wrong hole ( o.O *virgin*) Open your legs, not like a ballerina doing the splits tho, make sure yur in a comfertable place. Don't u dare look at his penis going into your v-hole, lady, it's gonna b bloody rain (LOL) OKay, the first hurts, but u have 2 let him do it again. This time, open your legs up real wide, stop your hands from holding the matress, and open up those lips on your pussy cat. This time it will feel like heaven. U noe, u can't take the good without the bad. Yay, u did it.

Now, some other moves, if u don't noe wht 2 do after that...
- suck on his dick so he can losen up
- remember the kisses, and holding him tight
- remember the attention on your melons, he dangit will repect those two, he has 2 worship them

THE DIRTY SANCHEZ <---my last name!!! ; )
the first one is my favourite, see ya guys, i'll update soon <3
I followed this pleasure guide, and we've been sexing it since this morning, man, OOHHH OHHHH WAIT.. HE'S HE'S..PUSHING ME 2 THE BATHROOM, WE'RE GETTING IN THE TUB..omi GODDD, HE'S TAKING THE SHOWERHEAD, AND-- ohhhhh baby omg ooohhh yes, yes , YES................mmm 'How to lose your virginity' was the best thing that's ever happened 2 me!!!
by sex kitten r. May 02, 2006
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