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house of anubis is a mystery/horror/drama american tv show. it is filled with mystery which will keep you guessing, horror which will scare you and drama which will make you gasp, cry and laugh. hoa also have the romance & friendship department, it'll make you aww and smile. it certainly have the best cast ever we could ever have, they portray the characters very well and made the characters seem alive. the director, producer, camera guys, makeup artists are also very important to us too, without them hoa would never happen. hoa is the best show ever :)
'OMG did you watch yesterday's episode of house of anubis? it kept me on the edge of my seat!'
by saltychampagne April 17, 2013
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a show with horrible actors and bad camera angles. Fake british accents and horrible uniforms really complete the crappy look. Plot is good though.
House of Anubis is the shit!
by SkinnyBitch333 February 03, 2011
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