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If someone says something sexual and then claims that it was inappropriate, hotappropriate may be properly used.

Hotappropriate is a word used to show that a forementioned statement was not innapropriate, but both hot and completely appropriate. Oftentimes used with members of the opposite sex.
Michael: Yeah, so I changed for soccer out in the breezeway.
Anya: Wait, so you were like naked in public?
Michael: I left my boxers on...
Anya: Damn, why wasn't I there??? Sorry, that was a little inapropro.
Michael: Don't you mean that that was hotappropriate?

Ian: Man... I have a large penis.
Ian: That was inappropriate, I'm sorry.
Anya: That was hotapproapriate... wait no, I mean sick. I really did not want to know that.
by Anya aka. Awesome January 28, 2006
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