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When you and your partner have sex in a car, the windows fog up. this is hot boxin. Or when you and your friends light up a joint and the smoke clings to the windows.
boy: last night i took my gal to makeout point
friend: oh yeah! what happend
boy: well we were getting hot and heavy but we had to stop
friend: why?
boy: the po-po came when the car started hot boxin
by Evil_Mufassa November 26, 2007
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1) rolling up all the windows in a car(or in any small inclosed area) smoking, so known of the smoke gets a away, and officaitly making you higher

2) snitching, or saying somthing loud enough that a person that wasnt suppose to know can over hear.

1)Jake: aye kev, how we gonna get high off of a 20?

Kevin: Fuck it well just roll up the windows and hot box it

2)Mark: So steve we pickin up those chicks from last night

Jamie: What girls!?

John: Chill mark, you hot boxin
by DamentedMinded March 11, 2009
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to attract negative attention to yourself, esp. attention of the police.
You're hot boxin selling that shit on the busiest corner in the city.
by Kstarrockssocksoff August 10, 2007
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