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when the person hosting a game in gears of war over uses the shotgun because it is stronger
Host: u just got owned mike
Gamer: shut up Joe ur just god cause ur the host
Host:yea ok i didnt use host shot gun once
Gamer:sick liar all u do is use the host shotgun and kill everyone in 1 or 2 shots do u think your good joe?
Host:i think im amazing
Gamer2: chris thnks joes amazing too
by King Nitro 8 August 31, 2007
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when some one over uses the shotgun in gears of war when they are hosting the room because it is stronger then the others
pre game conversation

host: yeah bitch i doodied on ur faces
gamer1: thats cause ur a host shotgunning noob
host:shut up ur mad i left a steaming stool on ur cheek
gamer2: shut up colombo ur a sick noob
host: crispy lick my nut ill show u a host shot gun
by King Nitro 8 August 30, 2007
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Used in Xbox 360 Game: Gears Of War. When one player is host in an online match, there shotgun is alot more powerfull then everyone elses and can get headshots with it more frequently
Sean: Dude i just got killed by that guy
Peter: Dont feel bad hes got the host shotgun
by xXDog_Of_WarXxx April 14, 2007
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