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"Hosfield" is a common last name which derives from a old French village called "Queer von city". The family the "Hosfields", were the first people documented in history to attempt dig a hole through earth and end up in the United States, this attempt occurred in 1946 and the hosfields were never heard from again until 1995 which they surfaced in a town called Kennewick Washington. It is still unknown to this day if they actually dug the hole through earth. Some scientists theorize that this hole through earth has a direct correlation with the transformation of justin bieber from "popstar" to "Hollywood teen douchebag". Some scientists go even as far to theorize that it affects not only justin bieber, but all celebrities. Which would explain the actions of celebrities from the last 20 years, including the down fall of Britney Spears, Amanda bynes, and Lindsay lohan, and the sudden change attitude in younger upcoming pop stars such as Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and the twins from the suite life of Zach and Cody!

Also, "Hosfield" is a German slang word meaning, "one with a small penis" or " a complete faggot.
Also, "Hosfield" is a German slang word meaning, "one with a small penis" or " a complete faggot.

When used with the word "Kim", such as "Kim hosfield" it means " a super ultra gay fag who is so gay they eat tons of rainbow colored skittles to show their gay pride."
by Kkkhut234 February 25, 2014
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