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A mythological creature. Sorta of like a troll, unicorns, etc.

This mythical creature feeds off of others misfortunes. Just like it's mother, mariaortzman, this creature is often two faced. It will be nice to you in person, but behind your back will make you miserable. or atleast attempt. But really its not all that hard to scare away, just punch it in the face a few times. This is how it lives. Off of greed, depression, and putting down others. don't give it pitty, instead feed it back it's karma!!

This creature lacks interpreting others feelings, will often hurt you emotionally. It is to afraid to cause any physical harm because of its weak stature, like stated above. The hopeortzman is very ugly and dirty looking, once again like its mother. Having a slutty nature, pretending to be something its not, and just plain dumb. It's almost a tradgity how unfortenate this creature is. How on earth it was created, we've come to the conclusion that it was a mistake.
"why am i feeling so guilty all of a sudden. ew what's that smell. omg whats that over there? is that a mariaortzman? OMG!! NOOO!! ITS WORSE A HOPEORTZMAN!!!!!"
by the_amazing_someone November 01, 2011
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