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A hoopster is an adolescent who sports the trendy nba retro basketball jerseys, for example: Carl Malone, Chris Mullin, Reggie Miller, etc. as a part of their hipster lifestyle. Hoops + Hipster = Hoopster
Hey brosef, look at that hoopster wearing a Dennis Rodman jersey!

Word dude.
by bennyhoops August 04, 2010
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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Somebody who wears a retro basketball jersey in attempts of being ironic. This term is a branch of the original term, 'Hipster'.
Hoopster- "Bro, check out this new Vancouver Grizzlies jersey I got."

Guy- "Lol you are such a hoopster".
by Kirzz December 05, 2010
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Girls (mostly hipsters) who take up hoola-hooping or "hooping" as a serious form of exercise, socialization, and popularity. They will follow hooping as a fad and "hoop" whenever there is a camera present, or when other "hoopsters" are hooping in public to show other people that they hoop. Overly sensitive and defensive when anyone other than them mentions the subject in a non-glamorous light.
"OMG that kid is SO amazing! SHE'S A MINI HOOPER!"


"Fucking hoopsters..."
by anon15378 August 26, 2011
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sneaky synonym for a whore. Possibly derived from the hoop earrings that hookers are known to wear.
Girl 1: Kelsey is such a total bitch
Girl 2: I know, what a hoopster!
by KChipster00 January 27, 2005
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