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1. A person, thing, or situation which possesses characteristics of utter randomness and unpredictability; something undefined.

2. Any person or object, particularly a strange one, that’s name is not known by the one referring to it; like a "whatchya-call-it" or "thing-a-ma-bob."
1. -My hoopajoo of a car is really starting to bug me.
-We've gotten our selves into a real hoopajoo here.

2. -That… hoopajoo over there; could you grab it for me?
-Who’s that hoopajoo standing over there in the frilly getup.
by Brian Hindt May 23, 2005
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Anything vague and potentially uncomfortable, often inserted into an orifice.
You were abducted by aliens? Did they stick a big metal hoopajoo up your ass?
by superoog October 19, 2004
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