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adj. describing a hook-up that's suddenly (or not so suddenly) gotten very awkward. This doesn't have to be during the hook-up, it could become awkward after as well. Once the hook-up has been labeled a hookward experience we move to the noun definition.

noun: you label someone a hookward once they have become one through the process described above. Or when someone makes increasingly hookward advances that leave you feeling uncomfortable (and possibly creates an awkward tingling)
Person 1: yo brah, that shit was so hookward last night.
Person 2: what do you mean? the fact that you hooked up with your brothers best friend, while your brother was on the couch with you...and then moved your love-making to your brother's bed?!?!
Person 1: yea dude, i'm such a hookward fuck.
by Whorus May 26, 2007
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