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noun; pussy, normally belonging to a guys sister, and the act of incest. An overly hot/done (usually with botox, silicone, or overdone make-up, whoreish, but not quite there) woman, or teens pussy.

Hookerfinkish- adj; to look like a pussy, or to be in the essence of hooker-like beauty; To look like one has hookerfink.
When told to leave a party because of un-popularity, one girl may reply to the "party thrower" "go suck hookerfink betch!" meaning as an insult, like go fvck yourself!, or go fvck your sister, or something like that.

"what a hookerfinkish whore!"; What a hookerfinkish bar/club"-refering to a club with loose pussy or sluts everywhere.
by airee47584 March 17, 2008
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