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When a individual is so much of a hooker, and acting like a total douche that they have become some sick almalgam of both words.
Look at Ben. He's such a hookerdouche.
by Gio420 November 03, 2007
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hooker douche

hooker douche noun, verb hook-er doosh

1. A female who is being "punked" by hookers.

2. A female who is considered; aspires to be; befriends; or is fascinated by hookers, but does not earn any income from "hooking".

3. A person who has a douching influence on others.

4. The effect of being unwillingly drawn into someone elses sexual energy, resulting in the feeling of needing to douche.

5. The much less extroverted friend of a hooker.

6. The douching (cleasing of the vaginal and other sexual areas), that a hooker performs before and after being employed as a hooker.
"Yes, Mary left that guy and now we are back together." "Let's hope she does her hooker douche before she gets here."
by get hooker December 09, 2009
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