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Chewing on the foreskin of an uncut penis.
"My boyfriend loves it when I do some hood work on him."
by Revjackmac September 01, 2004
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1. The act of bettering ones self through pure motivation, dedication and execution, often in the face of difficult, unfair and insurmountable circumstances that an individual has been placed in due to living in a hostile/unfriendly/tough environment, where the vast majority of the accompanying population will live as disappointments and failures until the day they die.

:- This life may be deemed "tough" if said person has experienced socio-economic difficulties (with or without) health-related misfortunes along with loss/death/abandonment from a biological Parent or Relative. In short, if you have ever experienced any difficulty in your life and still find the power (within yourself) to push forward for the greater good, you are actively participating in "Hood Work".
Example 1 -
Paul: "Man I'm hella tired. I've just been working my shit job and studying all day so I can leave this fuckin city. It's boring and tough but I don't see any other way."

Harman: "Keep up the Hood Work my nigga, I'm sure it'll pay off someday. Keep pushing. As Winston Churchill once said, "If you're going through hell, keep going."

Paul: "Thanks man, I appreciate your kind words of encouragement."

Example 2 -
Lame Teacher: "Hey Raymon you did some really Good Work on that assignment I gave to the class last week. I was really impressed by the amount of detail and dedication you showed in composing such a magnificent paper. I'm giving you an A+ and writing you a recommendation to the Dean to have your name announced over the Intercom. That was some real Good Work."

Raymon: "That wasn't Good Work BITCH, that was some Hood Work. I don't need YOU to tell me how good it was, I wrote the fuckin paper. Of course I know that shit was a fuckin polished gem, nigga these hands polished it. You think I did that shit for YOU? Hoe I did that shit for ME! I did it cause it's what needed to be done! I did it cause that's how a BOSS does shit! Bitch I play for keeps! Don't you ever act like I ain't capable of greatness. All I do is keep my mouth shut in class, do my work and go home. No drama. No bullshit. Someday Ima leave Modesto and do great shit, so kiss my ass and give me the A+. But keep my fuckin NAME out yo mouth bitch.... Deuces."
by Harman209 February 26, 2014
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