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A language that one hood rat speaks to another. It's filled with piss poor grammar, and imperfect sentence structure. It's noted that most people who speak this language are people who probably never graduated high school or spend too much time giving or recieving head in the teacher's faculty room to properly learn anything. Also, uses this same language online in chats and roleplays and is extremely annoying.
Nisey: "lyke omg gurl, yo hurr looks gr8"
Tootz: "I know gurl, I got it 4rm Family Dolla"
Nisey: "I didn't know dey sold hurr weave from thurr."
Tootz: "Yea gurl, just started."
Nisey: "I knewd dis dude who usta work thurr, I gave him head around the back, his dick almost got mangled in my bracez"
Tootz: "Okay, I give up this game now, I can't decode your hood rat language."
by argohella March 04, 2008
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