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1. a loud, obnoxious, rude female (typ) that wears a different weave every day

2. typ females version of a honey cruller

3. a way to describe a feeling

4. a group of employees at Redline
1. "The Honey Curly got a fresh new curly weave on today"
"The Honey Curly doesnt wear her weave on Saturdays. She looks like a nappy ass bird"

2. "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA forrrr da for da for da siiiiiiiiiiide lemme get onna dem honey curlys"

3. "OHHH SHITTTTT we bout to get it real honey curly up in dis motha fuckaaaaaaaa"
"we're getting honey curlified"

4. "oh no! the Honey Curlys are here!! get it glazin!"
by TYP LOVER July 28, 2009
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