A person who bleeds profusely when in the presence of a person of the homosexual persuasion. Stemming from homophobia and hemophilia. Typically the person that has Homophilia is homophobic because of the fact that they make them bleed.
Bob"DUDE!, why are you bleeding from your pores?!?!!?!"
Tim"I'm a Homophiliac and you're the only one here so you must be gay.

Bob"No way can I be gay, I'm a construction worker and I hangout with cowboys all day.
Tim"Well that explains the bleeding".
by ORANGEjoe June 15, 2009
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A disorder characterized by the delayed or stunted ability to tolerate gay people, often resulting in being overly nosey and judgmental towards their sexual preferences.
Jim: "Pray the gay away!"

Tom: "Jim, stop being such a homophiliac! Who they're attracted to is none of your business."
by FurryCatPaws April 25, 2018
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