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A woman who has surpassed fag hag status. She has spent so much time in the gay community that everyone knows her by name, if not by face. She has attended court meetings and pageants. She has helped coordinate shows and performed in them.

A woman who knows better than to try to convert her queer friends. She realizes that even if she succeeds in bedding one of her gay boys, he'll probably be thinking of one of the Bellamy Boys.

A woman who has followed her favorite queens to obscure cities to ensure that they have everything they need. She has acted as makeup artist, wardrobe consultant, hairstylist, bodyguard and counselor...not to mention babysitter when they drink themselves into oblivion. She has even dressed as a man to perform onstage with her favorite queens.

She has her pink "Homo Hag" tag safely stashed where it won't get damaged or lost.
by originalhomohag May 26, 2004
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