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-A fore-thinking hamster-like rodent extolled in Russia for its planning abilities so is used in many cartoons.

-A mountain in Transylvania with the Virgin Mary planted on top of it making it a destination of many pilgrimages,which is also the home of many homiak rodents making me wonder if people are going there to pray to the virgin for guidance or consult the all-wise hamsters.
-Homi-man, ak-affected by,influenced by. A person who affects others in the family of man or is in turn affected by them.
-A man in connecticut who was the original homie.He sits on top of the hill giving chill advice to the socially stressed much to the annoyance of school authorities.
-A homicidal maniac.
-My homiak picked hot stocks for me,helped me choose the correct IRA and helped me save money on my taxes. Now I have a well endowed nest egg!-and I only had to pay him hamster feed!
-My church group planned a trip to Homiak to obtain guidance. After the arduous mountain climb,we finally reached the top of the great mountain. The miraculous message we recieved was this; its really really cold up here, and after this -everything else is down hill. We followed this sage advice all the while hearing the mocking laughter of the mountain hamsters as we worked our way down. Why hadnt we listened to the homiaks advice?-Hang out in the camp and beg food from the clueless tourists.
-I met a homiak who changed my whole outlook on life.
-Mr Homiak was expelled by school authorities after he failed to attend his classes.He was spotted sitting on the hill behind the school with a group of previously well mannered youths who subsequently became unruly. We therefore saw Mr Homiak as a bad seed in our schools otherwise orderly student body and hence wished to be rid of him.
-He has been diagnosed by the best authorities as a possible homiak-therefore a dangerous and unpredictable element best to be driven from our midst.
by L.rebell November 14, 2010
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