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It means holy shit, only it is being censored.
Person (A): Holy shit dude, did you see that?
Person (B): Watch your mouth there are kids around!
Person (A): Holy S*** dude , did you see that! Is that better?
by TrixHeartStarz May 20, 2016
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An ill-concealed way to spell 'holy shit' so that minors have to take extra trouble finding out what it means.
(Newspaper report)

Teacher in soup for yelling holy s*** at students in school.
by Yejus September 23, 2016
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Holy shit is used as an exclamation to emphasize (1) utter bewilderment, (2) excitement, or (3) disgust. When used as an independent statement it is used to describe a situation metaphorically as (4) a perfect (holy) shit storm, meaning that a person would have difficulty imagining a way to design a worse circumstance than what has just occurred.
Example 1: "Holy s***! How did that person manage to propel their car onto the roof of that house?"

Example 2: "Holy s***! I can't believe my friends is traveling across the country to visit me!"

Example 3: "Holy S***! This is the worst possible time for my car to break down!"

Example 4: Imagine your car breaking down on a rainy morning before work causing you to use up your last warning leading to the loss of your job. This is the same day that you expected to propose or be proposed to by a person that you are deeply in love with only to find out that they want out of the relationship. They were your ride to your location since your car broke down and now you need space and don't want a ride from them anymore but there is no public transportation available from where you are. So now you are sitting on the curb outside recalling the horrible day outside the establishment where your heart and dreams were crushed. A random jerk drives by splashing you with the cold water left in the gutter from the rain earlier that day. *internal snap* "Holy s***!"
by oh BOHICA May 04, 2016
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