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we are preppy. we are rich. we look really good in our little skirts and in your boyfriends arms. don't mess with us, we come in packs (especially to the bathroom). burberry, louis vitton, coach, you name it we have it. jeep and volkswagon are the most popular cars in our lot. we live for dress down days and pj pants. and we are never in uniform. starbucks is where we hang out and westchester is where we live. we party all the time and document the whole event on film. by cell or aim we are reached, but dont bother if your not in our league.
not quite holy and just past children, we are holy child; a place where wisdom (not the kind in books), confidence (to ask that hottie out), and friendships (the ones that last forever) are found <3
by Christine April 04, 2005
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the last definition is all fine and dandy if that's how you see the world (no one is up to your standards). Holy child is a grade 5-12 school. Most of the people who come here are from diverse backgrounds. Sometimes you get snauty people who don't know any better, but you also get a good mix of people who give it to you strait. The people here are smart and quick thinking. Although they may be catty at times. They will bucle down when it comes to problem solving. But I must be real, we are a great school but this school has faults, as does other schools. Most people miss the boys and spend about 2-4 years here then go back to coed, this is more of a transition school. People go here for our good curriculum then maybe go to boarding school or some other sort of school. Yea we might have lasbians, computer hackers, sluts, snooty people, impulsive people, preppy people, artsy people, the know it alls, and the too cool for school people, but we all come together and form this unique Holy CHild School. With its imperfections we still kick major ass when it comes to the competition*
Person 1: Holy Child - Rye is full of some WEIRD ASS people
Person 2: Yea but they're still so friggin awesome
by Rennycole May 10, 2006
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