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Hollister has been referenced to as "the greatest cultural fraud perpetrated upon mankind", as such you can imagine the type of douche that wears their clothes on a day-to-day basis. A common "Hollister Kid" can be spotted wearing skin tight polos with popped collars, fake manboy tans, pre-ripped jeans, sandals, and an admiration for all things douche. The majority of these kids frequent beaches whilst listening/crying to Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews, or any other shitty college prep dittys. Their admiration for beaches stems from a desire to be shirtless and greasy, but above all to have credentials when broadcasting the beachey-douchey-surfer-type image. Though they all appear to be clones there are exceptions as not every individual wearing Hollister is in fact a "Hollister Kid", they can have great personalities regardless of their cliched style of attire.

In spite of this regular lack of any sensibility Hollister Kids can often be found with hot girls.
Kudos to you Hollister Kids...kudos to you
Jack: Hey whats up, my name is Jack
Hollister Kid: Hey my name is Kevin...I work at Hollister
Jack: I don't give a fuck where you work.

Pedo: Look at those attractive girls!
Yan: Forget it unless you're keen on being a douchey Hollister Kid
by Aledro January 30, 2008
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An individual who is specifically noted for having the majority of their wardrobe consist of clothes from Hollister Co., and is notoriously referred to as a prep. They own a lot of pre-ripped jeans, seashell necklaces, big sunglasses, and tight polo-style shirts. They usually wear flip-flops; have an iPod mini; and like to drink, party, and go to the beach often. Despite the misconception of them being air-headed and not socializing with "non-Hollister kids", the majority of them are quite intelligent and have a diverse group of friends. The girls are usually hot, blond, and very tan.
Guy 1: Where do you sit during lunch?
Guy 2: Outside on the benches, next to the Hollister kids.
Guy 1: I hate Hollister kids. They're such ignorant jerks.
Guy 2: Whatever.

by xxsupremexx January 31, 2006
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