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A convenient substitute for the phrase "Excuse me there(,Sir/,Ma'am/,miss/,young-man), can you please hold my (insert item) for just a quick sec? Thanks."

This phrase was originally uttered in the film "White Chicks" by one of the Wayans Brothers acting as a superfab, ultrblond white chick with a poodle in purse. At the whooping call of a horny, college-aged male, He/she turned to his/her brother/sister and said, "Hold my poodle" handing over her poodle, while he/she did something and I don't remember what it was, but it made him feel more like a man and less like a seemingly bewhooped women.
Yes, yes. I DO believe the work of Ausiere de Clemente to be fine in it's use of soft undertones when working with pieces such as the Omersilles or the Betaeux. It almost appears to be a medaphor of late industrial-age mentality, as was his forte was it not? Ahaahhhhaaa. Yes, yes. Clemente is a man of character, no doubt. Oh, it seems the waiter is in need of a few hands moving that priceless ice sculpture of Prime Minister Tony Blair, our guest of honor this evening. Yo bitch, hold my poodle!!
by Freddy Frito November 06, 2007
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