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The act of taking a comment out of context and there by causing the comment to mean something entirely different - and likely perverse - than what was originally meant by the speaker.
1 -

speaker a: "its that switch thingy that turns a light on"
speaker b: "hahahaha, you said thingy"
speaker a: "your not going to let the thingy go are you"

the last comment by speaker a, out of context, seems to indicate that speaker b is currently holding on to a "thingy", when in reality speaker a was indicating that speaker b was likely to continue to harass him for using the word "thingy", not that speaker b was actually grasping a thingy

2 - usage
"man I just got written up because of John's hogglemorph of what I said to you in the break room".
by chuck7000 March 30, 2011
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