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1) To forcefully insert a swollen, thick penis into an anus or vagina solely for the purpose of soft tissue destruction of the orifice. Erections penetrating such areas are incredibly firm and are backed with several powerful thrusts. Bleeding is common in either orifice. In situations of acute or long-term hog-railing, the recipient can often prolapse from that orifice.

1) A figure of speech by which someone describes a person or situation as being not only extremely negative in nature but possibly messy, homo-erotic, of graphic nature, damaging, and permanently destructive.
1) Tina had steak and lobster with Tyrone last night at Sizzler. Tyrone took her to Blockbuster video to rent the newest Tyler Perry movie, bought her a grape soda and a bag of chips and then went back to her apartment and hog-railed her ass. Afterwards, she found a great proctologist and when she asked how bad it was he responded, “Your anus looks like it got totally hog-railed!”

2) Stefan lost lots of business to his competitor again. Stefan's boss called him into his office where he totally hog-railed him and then proceeded to terminate his employment.
by Norman H. June 04, 2013
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