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Traditionally, only the women. It's an ancient martial arts fighting technique that was developed by a lost Amazonian tribe of Boobarian indians. Scholars surmise that this brutal form of combat was initially developed to tenderize the pork they ate but the women of the tribe soon realized that it worked well keeping the men folk of the tribe ... See Morein line. The technique was lost as the tribe died out. In the early 1900's and young female schloar learned through research that she was a decendant of the Boobarian tribe. Her family had moved to Pittsburgh when she was young. Through careful study and practice, she revitalized the "hog" punch techniques. That woman was none other than Sarah's great great great grandmother, Mertle Boos. And the rest as they say is history. The technique has been passed down ever since to many generations of Boos women. Or at least that's how my Uncle Cliff Clavin told the story. :)
Sarah the Boobarian got mad and started hog punching every guy in the room.
by BoopyGato January 11, 2010
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