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1. a systematic action taken in order to cause a mental or physical discomfort to one or more individuals.

2. a move pulled in order to cause self-satisfaction at the expense of another. (if pulled more than twice then it is hoe business)

3. the reversal of another hoe move

f.y.i.=hoe moves can be spontaneous
To mess up a lot of dishes, and leave food on the plates, BY YOURSELF, after somobody JUST washed the dishes 2o min before, and leave to spend a weekend at someone else's house. Just to cause someone to clean up after you... hoe move indeed!!!

come home from work and cook one strip of bacon. Cook one more 20 min before everyone comes home, then leave, so when they come home they'll think that there is cooked food, but there's not...hoe move!!!

To intentionally drink the milk jug down to less than a cup left, and then go out and buy a brand new box of Cinnanmin Toast Crunch, and then leave early in the morning so that it's an unspoken that IT WAS YOU, but they can't say anything cause you are gone. When they wake up in the morning expect "A GOOD OL" bowl of cereal, they can't make it, thus leaving them extremly frustrated...hoe move indeed!!
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A selfish and thoughtless move that cannot be described any simpler than being a Hoe Move.
Dude, that bitch dumped him the night before homecoming, i cannot believe she pulled a hoe move like that.
by roberto chlarnece d October 07, 2006
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when someone does sumthing that is selfish an thoughtless
he pulled a hoemove when he left wit his girl instead of staying with us.
by dun give a fuck April 18, 2005
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