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a girl/woman that will say when asked, that she is not a whore. Even after she is produced evidence based in reality. She is delusional, cause she doesnt realize that most of the dudes that have boned her, have told everyone about it. she thinks that if no one knows something than it didnt happen.
I asked trixie the other day how many dudes she has had, and she said "10" I typed her #'s into the slutulator(which never lies) and I called her a whore, and she said "I am not a whore", and I said to her, "you gave it up to a friend of mine after a couple drinks at yardhouse"( she doesnt know we all know cause they told us) she says "nah uh!", she is having a boned a fide "hodelusion"
by El Capitan Matador III April 01, 2010
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