NOUN: 1. A homeless artist or musician, commonly found in cities 2. An artistic hipster who often stays at the random homes of friends, family members and current lovers but never has any money or current mailing address 3. Unemployed college student who is in a band and hangs out in coffee shops arguing with people about current affairs
Many residents of the San Francisco Bay Area are hobohemians, creating their art and music under the guise that a life of obscurity is better than paying taxes and getting a real job.
by Danielle Belton January 25, 2005
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a person so consumed with the frivolous aspects of life as to be entirely "unconcerned" with practical matters, such as personal grooming, fiscal responsibility, or home repair.
This was a nice family neighborhood until that hobohemian moved in next door and started having all-night benders and letting her dogs poop on our lawn.
by jung_american December 28, 2011
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When you look like a transient in your overpriced hippy clothes.
she paid 600 dollars for this outfit and looks like she's a transient. How Hobohemian.
by witchy-pooh September 03, 2016
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