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Arguably the most favorable (and often cheapest) type of blow job, a "hoblow" is head administered by a toothless and particularly boozed-up vagrant.
After getting repeatedly shot down at the bar, and not wanting to face further embarrassment, Dan's nightly means of sexual satiation veered quickly towards Henry the Hobo's "special" nickel hoblows.
by Erico Suave November 28, 2007
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1.) n. crack or cocaine offered by a hooker

2.) v. blowing your nose, hobo-style. (place one finger against the side of one of your nostrils & give it all you got to the pavement or other surface immediately available -- so long as you keep a nice clean sleeve.)

dude 1: Damn, that ho-blow be GOOD SHIZNIT!!

dude 2: What are you, on CRACK?!!

2.) dude 3: Hang up a sec... I gotta ho-blow my nose...
by planarian_x33r0 January 05, 2010
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