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1. It is basically a fellow human being who have the craving for the same things as you. (hobby+mate)
2. It's your your long lost twin separated at the time you were created, and will give your life a whole new meaning once you find them. It's the best form of best friend you can find. They'd understand & do all the stupid things with you.
3. It's coined by Hobbmate who also owns the trademark for the word, which is off-course the new social app as Insta is dying because of its shitty non-chronological feed as you may guess.
Human1: Hey you also love this stupid game? I thought I was the only one.
Another Human: OMG! You too? I thought no one will understand me.
Human1: Whoa this means we're hobbmates!!!

Another Human: Where were you my whole life?
Human1 thinking the same & wondering why are you still reading this for so long.
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by Urban Tonny February 25, 2018
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