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Hobart lane is in Amherst, Massachusetts typically reserved for those who lead a lifestyle of savagery. Inhabited by the alpha males of UMass, this location breeds winners. Young men fight to earn their stripes on Hobart in hope to one day call it their home. This is a place where freshman girls flock to, get chewed up and spit out, and swear to never come back. Until the next banger.

Men of Hobart know the idea of value. They don't care how good the last party was, only about the next one. It doesn't matter that you stuffed 1 pig last night, it's all about how many of them you've slaughtered.

Back in the prime of "zoomass", Hobart Lane was the house of legends. Known for throwing the Hobart Hoedown, these men were the cream of the crop.As the years went by, the tyranny of the Amherst PD began to wear down the reputation of umass, while raining on the students parade. Hobart lane has consistently been the model of rebellion, and now is house to only a few young, proud men. These tenants welcome the challenge of maintaining the party school reputation, while basking in the glory of the last remaining pieces of what was zoomass. These gentlemen fight to maintain the legacy and integrity of the Minutemen, where the self proclaimed "fraternities" cannot.

Whether it be by means of kegs and eggs, day drinks, or 80s parties in tribute to the original godfathers of Hobart, these men of Hobart are the last of the breed that has always, and will always, represent the real UMass.
Girl 1: I woke up at Hobart again this morning
Girl 2: Which bed this time? Chris or Ben?
Girl 1: DJ :(. I'm never going back to Hobart lane

Boy 1: Did you see that fight last night on Hobart? That was crazy
Boy 2: Yeah, the Hobart boys fucked those kids up
Boy 1: Savages man
by PigFarmer January 15, 2014
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