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The Art and Profession Of Being a Ho
Me: Oh Hey, Whats Up?
Ho: Oh Nothing I just got Accused of Ho-ism from the principal
by kMoney87878 November 15, 2009
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1)The act of purposefully being obstinate in order to perpetuate a fight.

2)Layman's terms: Acting like a real ho!
1)Alex subscribes to the theory of hoism.

2)That Alex is a real ho!
by Roz L. November 08, 2006
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Pronaounced "Ho-is-um"
Typically post partum, a woman after she has a baby, experienceing many hormonal "flashes" will fuck every dick she can, before it ends.
My baby mama be going threw some class A hoism. Doing every dude she sees.
by Slutbunger August 13, 2017
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when you “hoe around” and date people one after the other.
ive been dating around. Not like hoism, but dating around”
by “bootyhoe” February 08, 2018
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